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Who Founded Setlr

Setlr was founded by 3 gig-economy visionaries who are on a mission to change the world for the better:

Greg Hamilton

As an airline pilot and long term expat, Greg experienced the language barrier problem first hand. When he discovered that over 50% of the world's population is bilingual, he decided to devote his time to freeing this largely untapped human potential. He soon became passionate about the gig economy and using technology to empower, rather than replace people. Greg's also passionate about being a servant leader, Agile software development, Scrum methodology, Lean Startup and paragliding.

Aaron Campbell

Aaron is a highly experienced MD and Founder in the financial sector. He's passionate about community creation, crowdsourcing and building products that change the world for the better.

Evan Luthra

At age 21, Evan was already a multimillionaire innovator, app creator and "Rich Kids of Instagram" television star. He's built highly successful products that are used by millions. As an accredited Angel Investor, Evan joined the Setlr team to build a "game changing product that will change the lives of millions of people". He is also a featured speaker at different universities and conferences around the globe; he speaks about Mobile Apps, Entrepreneurship and trending tech topics, to huge audiences.

Today Setlr is run by a world class team of software engineers, developers, designers, QAs, marketing ninjas, growth hackers and hapiness heros. We're incredibly proud of our team and every one of us works tirelessly to build a product that people love. If you've got any feedback for the team, we'd love to hear from you. Hit the question mark on the bottom right of your screen or email us at hello@setlr.com.

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