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Who can work as a Setlr Translator?


  1. A person who knows and is able to use several languages.
    "Slovenians, being surrounded by many countries, are mostly polyglots"

Our mission is enabling the world's polyglot community to put their language skills to better use.

If you're a polyglot, we need your skills!

You don't need formal language qualifications to work on Setlr:- Just a love of translation and the ability to translate at least one language pair (e.g. English > French) to a 'native' standard.

What does native mean?

It doesn't mean you have to have grown up speaking two or more languages since birth, or that you've lived in a country speaking each language for a number of years; it just means your translation should 'sound' as though it was done by someone who has grown up speaking the language in the requested locale since birth.

Do I have to take a test?

No. We're not a translation agency and you don't need to be a registered/qualified/certified translator to work with us. All you need is your language skill and a mobile phone.

Online tests can easily be manipulated and can't be relied on for proof of ability. We've designed a quality system that continually tests your translation skill by comparing your work to the work of the general polyglot community around you. If you can continually work to a high standard, you'll make great progress in the Setlr community and be rewarded with increasing earning potential!

So if you're good with languages, keen to improve your skills and looking for a way to earn while you work in your spare time - come and join us!