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What is Setlr?

Setlr is a collaborative translation platform.

Before we created Setlr, there were a few ways to translate text:

  1. Machine translation services like Google Translate (yuck!), where machines don't really translate anything, they just take a guess at the best translation by searching for translations that have been done before by real human translators.
  2. Translation agencies (expensive!), where you often get a single translator working on your text and have to pay extra for fast delivery and localization services (making the text sound local).
  3. Asking a friend (good option!), where you are lucky enough to have a polyglot friend with enough spare time to help you translate your text.

Setlr is most similar to option 3, but rather than leave you to run around and find your own multilingual friends, we've built a platform that connects you directly to the world's polyglot community - and our mission is to get all 4 billion of them together right here! We've also created some really clever technology that allows tens, hundreds or even thousands of human community translators to work on your text at the same time! That's collaborative translation. The polyglot community work together to deliver your translation in record time - working together means the community can deliver translation in seconds and minutes rather than hours and days, and quality is significantly improved due to multiple peer-review. Ratherr than charge you extra for localization services, it's 'baked' right in, so you get fluent, native and 'local sounding' translation.

In a nutshell, collaborative translation is highly affordable, super fast and very high quality.

Got any doubts? Just ask Twitter and WhatsApp, who've used the power of the community to grow their audience by millions of new users all over the world.

Got questions? We'd love to hear from you! Use the little button on the bottom right of the screen to get in touch, or email us at hello@setlr.com

Further reading: You can find out more about us, including how we got started here.